Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil  250ml  33/22
  • Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil  250ml  33/22
  • Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil  250ml  33/22

Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil 250ml 33/22

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⇒ Has a neuroprotective effect

⇒ Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

⇒ Supports the treatment of degenerative and skin diseases (atopy, seborrhea)

⇒ Strengthens the heart and circulatory system

⇒ Soothes the course of skin allergies

⇒ Improves the condition of the hair and skin

⇒ Improves the functioning of the kidneys

Dietary supplement for dogs enriching the diet with highly absorbable fatty acids: EPA and DHA from the Omega-3 family.

The content of the bottle is a concentrate of oil from wild marine fish: herrings, horsetails, smelts, mackerels, sandeels, which is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Aktivne sestavine v 1 g
Omega 3 maščobne kisline 55 %
Eikozapentaenojska kislina (EPA) 330 mg
Dokozaheksaenojska kislina (DHA) 220 mg
mešanica tokoferolov 1 mg

Due to the high concentration of EPA and DHA, Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil 33/22 is recommended as a support for the treatment of dog diseases, e.g. kidney or liver failure, problems with the circulatory system, joint degeneration, susceptibility to allergies, neurodegenerative changes, lowered immunity. The use of the product is also recommended during periodic replacement of the coat and excessive hair loss.

The high content of EPA and DHA in 1ml of oil allows you to supplement omega-3 acids without significantly increasing the caloric content of the dog's meals, which is important in the case of certain diseases or overweight that require limiting the calories supplied in the diet.

Due to the high content of EPA and DHA fatty acids, the product supports the treatment of:

kidney and liver failure, heart disease, neurodegenerative changes, inflammation of the joints and spine. It helps in the treatment of skin diseases with itching: seborrhea, atopy and soothes allergic reactions.

The health-promoting properties of EPA and DHA play an important role in the diet of dogs. They support the work of the heart and circulatory system, have a positive effect on the nervous system, ensure proper conduction of impulses responsible for the proper functioning of muscles. They improve the condition of the skin and hair. They have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects used in the treatment of degeneration of the musculoskeletal system and skin diseases.

Supplementing with Omega-3 acids supports learning and memory abilities in seniors, inhibits neuronal apoptosis during neurodegenerative diseases and processes related to the aging of the body. In the nutrition of pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies, EPA and DHA acids affect the nervous system, cognitive and motor skills of puppies, thus facilitating their subsequent training and learning about the world.

The supplement is not a source of vitamins A and D


The oil present in Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil has been subjected to a series of qualitative analyses. The quality certificate excludes the presence of heavy metals and other impurities in the product, which guarantees safety of use.

All substances present in the Game Dog Iceland Fish Oil product are of the highest quality

and meet the human nutritional standards (Human Grade)

Compositionfish oil 99%, mixed tocopherols (antioxidant): 1mg/g

Dosage1 pump dispenses 0.5 ml of oil. As a preventive measure, it is recommended: 0.5 ml of oil for every 10 kg of the animal's body weight. Dogs weighing less than 10 kg - 0.5 ml, dogs weighing more than 40 kg - 2 ml

Packaging 250 ml

Analytical compositioncrude oils and fats 99.9%, protein 0%, crude fiber 0%, crude ash 0%

Storage: Shelf life after opening the package is 90 days. Store the product in the refrigerator.

CommentsIn the case of supplementation in diagnosed neurodegenerative diseases, skin, liver, kidney or myocardial diseases and in inflammation of the joints, the daily dose should be doubled or dosed according to the veterinarian's instructions.

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